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Marc Boffin

Born in 1987, Marc BOFFIN has always had a passion for drawing. At the age of 7, he took evening classes at the Museum of Fine Arts in Nancy, it was at the age of 12 that he devoted himself to painting, going to take classes after school. Later , he will progress in studies of architecture and space design, but will never move away from this passion for Art, in particular for painting. One word: LIGHT, it is she who intervenes in the realization of a canvas or a sculpture by Marc BOFFIN; it is she who brushes against a body, which brings out the shapes of a face, of an object. The delicacy of their gradients, the finesse of the detail, the uncluttered character of these works, allow them to fit perfectly into all types of spaces, interiors, from baroque to contemporary... This is also what this artist who uses his qualities as a space designer to satisfy the eye of his admirers.

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