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David Kracov

David Kracov is a visual artist born in Boston in 1968. He studied at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. At the age of 12 he already won a competition and exhibited at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. Through this unexpected opportunity, he is the youngest artist to have exhibited there. He began his career in animation in California and worked for studios such as Don Bluth Animation and Disney Animation. His talents in graphic design lead him to work for classics of the genre in cartoons such as the Lion King or Aladdin. During this period, he devotes himself to clay sculpture, and makes figurines of imaginary characters that he animates on the screen. Noting his talents, Warner Bros. Studio Stores entrusted him with the task of making a chess game for him, followed by Disney Studio. In the momentum, Warner Brothers will grant him the exclusivity to produce the characters of Looney Tunes. Close and attached to the world of childhood, David Kracov will want to keep this spirit in his art. He creates sculptures in sheets of steel and metal that he will then paint with vibrant colors. His works are in limited editions, 55 pieces, and are completed individually so that they are all different. Definitely rooted in pop and modern culture, David Kracov's creations exude a form of joy. They are an assembly of shades and sweetened shapes. In each of them appears a butterfly, whether within sight or hidden, a symbol of freedom and childhood for the artist. His work travels the countries and the exhibitions follow one another. David Kravoc now enjoys a reputation that is well established.

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